The Grading system for Genuine Shaolin Mok Ka in the UK was devised by Sifu Charles Chan and Sifu Rob Morgan back in the early 1980’s.

It consists of 9 gradings. It was devised purely for the western approach for the need of gradings. Before the current grading was put together it used to be a Pink Sash for a girl and a Blue Sash for a boy until your teacher/master thought you were competent in all aspects of the style to wear a Black Sash.

The modern-day grading system is now:


  • Blue Sash – part of the uniform when starting your training (not graded)


  • Blue Sash white tag
  • Blue Sash two white tags
  • Yellow Sash
  • Green Sash
  • Brown Sash
  • Brown Sash black tag
  • Black Sash
  • Black Sash red tag
  • Blash Sash two red tags